Crystal Clear

This course is suited for students from beginners to relatively advanced that are interested in going back to the basics. The curriculum provides general knowledge such as vocabulary, phonics, reading, grammar and basic conversation points. These lessons are ideal for children that need assistance in all areas for school, general exams, or travel interests.

Reach Higher

This course is suited for students that are already conversationally adept in English and want to improve their vocabulary, refine their grammar and be able to expand on a variety of topics. This curriculum provides many interesting conversation points, advanced vocabulary on both basic and in depth topics, reading comprehension and interactive activities. These lessons are ideal for children enrolled in international schools, needing to perfect their English for more advanced exams, competition, or even future job prospects involving English.

Students’ storytime

This course is suited for students looking to improve their oral English specifically and is geared toward intermediate English speakers and above. This curriculum provides an array of vocabulary pulled from Crystal Clear classes that we will firstly study, master, then educate the pupil how to use these vocabulary words to tell a story. This teaches the student how to formulate coherent sentences, use the proper grammar when speaking, articulate ideas and execute oral presentations in a captivating manner. These lessons are ideal for children interested in preparing for oral exams, competitions or wanting to improve their overall spoken English.